Deutsche Telekom plans VDSL with M-net

German telco Deutsche Telekom has signed an agreement with regional telco M-net to jointly establish a fibre optic network (VDSL) in Bavarian city Augsburg.

“The co-operation enables future-proof broadband internet access for almost all households and companies in Augsburg,” said Hans Konle, CEO of M-net. He added that this would include people living outside the city centre.

With the co-ordinated VDSL roll-out the companies want to avoid a situation where parts of the city have a double supply while others have none at all. Both partners will grant each other access to the network with third parties also able to use it.

After Vodafone and EWE, M-net is the third competitor collaborating with Telekom in the deployment of VDSL networks, with further co-operations planned.