European CTOs backing DVB-C2

DVB WORLD – BERLIN. CTOs from seven big European CATV operators that between them represent more than 22 million cable households have declared their support for the proposed DVB-C2 cable transmission standard.

The technology will be presented to the DVB in Geneva next week by the project’s chairman Christoph Schaf.

Speaking at DVB World in Berlin, Lorenz Glatz, CTO, Kabel Deutschland and one of the seven, explained that even though there was no backwards compatibility with the existing DVB-C standard, operators would be able to introduce new services while retaining the existing complexion of the network. “Cable operators will be a lot more efficient without having to rip out everything that has been installed and the investments that have been made over the last few years”.

Glatz said DVB-C2 was needed to support the growing amount of bandwidth required by cable customers, which has doubled on the KDG network over the last two years.