Cable HD grows, but analogue hangs on

DVB WORLD – BERLIN. Cablenets are likely to increase the number of digital television services to 250 in the next six to ten years of which 50% are likely to be converted to HD.

The study conducted by the ReDeSign organisation also found that operators have no immediate plans to switch off analogue TV services. “It is important to keep the analogue services up and running so you don’t need an additional cable box, particularly for second, third and fourth TV sets,” explained ReDeSign’s Dirk Jaegar.

His comments sparked debate amongst delegates, some of whom argued that while cablenets were anxious to fulfil customer demand, what was really being sought was the convenience. This could be achieved by devices such as a cable supported IDTV.

The ReDeSign survey also found increased enthusiasm for VOD, which despite a generally low uptake to date was continuing to rise.

Based on the responses ReDeSign conducted a traffic analysis that concluded that the 862MHz bandwidth typical of many European operators will be exhausted in two years time.