Online TV viewing is the business

Business audiences are increasingly watching TV on their computers, according to a new consumer behaviour study conducted on behalf of Ericsson and CNN. 67% of respondents to the online survey said their TV viewing in the PC had increased over the past three to four years with almost a quarter saying their TV viewing on mobile devices increased in the same period.

Flexibility (71%) or the desire to catch up on missed content (51%) was cited as the main reasons for watching TV content on the PC.

The survey found three quarters (73%) of CNNís audience shares user generated content, and with 66% of those over the age of 45 also sharing user generated video content, the activity is clearly not just for the young. 29% also record video clips on their phone.

The international business community is also increasingly access the internet on the move. 56% of respondents with mobile internet access content whilst on the move, though this also suggests the remainder are not getting full value from the product!