French Assembly examines anti-piracy law

France’s Assembly is this week examining the new anti-piracy law project that plans to prevent illegal use of cultural works on internet and to set up retaliation measures. Supported by Minister of Culture Christine Albanel, this reform project was passed last October in Senate. But the plan to cut the internet subscription of pirates after two warnings is still under debate among deputies.

Some denounce the plan to disconnect repeat offenders as infringing civil liberties. At the same time, the French government is also pleading for the development of an attractive legal and cultural offer (music and movies). Majority party UMP estimates that illegal downloads are mostly responsible for the 50% fall of music sales in France over the last five years. According to a recent poll, 37% of French internauts acknowledge having practised illegal downloads or using pirated contents.

To encourage the development of new legal offers, French Ministry of Culture is going to propose that the media chronology be changed so as to reduce to four months the video delay between the movie theatrical release and the video (DVD and VoD) release. It takes currently six to seven months.