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Thread: can tm patches be used on a ct receiver

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    can tm patches be used on a ct receiver

    hi all.
    i have just bought a clarke-tech 5000HDcplus combo receiver
    first let me say the receiver style and quality is first class and
    it works great with a diablo cam from the info with the spec on this receiver it says The Clarke Tech receivers are made in the same factory as Technomate and have the same features but are German designed and come with a 2 year warranty. and i see the 5000hd cplus i have has the same features as the technomate 6900 super model
    and i see patches/softcams etc are updated faster for the technomate
    models, what i want to know is this are the patches inter changable and
    can or will a tm 6900 super patch load and work on the clarke-tech model
    i ask this so that if a new update patch for the tm has something extra
    the clarke-tech could take advantage off it

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    Re: can tm patches be used on a ct receiver


    both receiver files are of stb extension but you need to have boot file of the tchnomate receiver to covert your clarck to it
    secondaly the remote of the clarck type is differ from that of the technomate.
    also you need to have the clarck boot in case you want to go back to your clarck firmware.
    so as you see it is complicated some how.
    take my advice and be patient , wait for new patches of clarck type.

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