Archos 5 gets TV tuner add-on

The Archos 5 can already do a heck of a lot – video, music, web-browsing – but now it has another string to its bow. And that string comes courtesy of the TV Snap-on, which brings twin digital television tuners to the portable multitasker.

Small and lightweight, the TV Snap-on allows the Archos 5 to receive live Freeview broadcasts when out and about. You can record instantly by pushing a button, schedule recordings in advance using the EPG and, according to Archos, record in ‘DVD quality’.

While it has twin tuners, you can't watch one channel whilst recording another – instead both tuners work in unison to ensure you always get a strong signal, even indoors. Whether or not it’ll pick up Deal or No Deal on our train home we’ll find out when it becomes available later this month.