UK analogue VCR sales die

We all have them, but increasingly our love-affair with analogue VCR machines is disappearing in favour of snazzy new DVR/PVRs and TiVo-type devices. Last year just 86,000 VCRs were bought in the UK.

Sales of VCRs were massive in peak years. For example, in 2000 some 3.85m were sold in the UK, but units sold have slipped ever since. By 2004 sales had fallen below 2m to just 1.8m, and then to 991,000 in 2005, 523,000 in 2006, and a miserable 187,000 in 2007 (all according to GfK Retail’s data bank).

But as one product falls out of favour, another finds enthusiastic followers. Independent (which means buyers of non-BSkyB units) buyers of digital video recorders were modest in 2004 with just 34,000 units, growing to 125,000 in 2005, 470,000 in 2006, 1.06m in 2007 and an impressive 1.35m last year. To these totals must be added ‘buyers’ of BSkyB’s Sky+ units, which means that at the end of last year some 6.78m UK homes had some sort of PVR/DVR.

Independent buyers 1.35m
Sky+ 4.65m
Sky+HD 0.779
Total 6.78m