Hello guys, i'm new here, i just bought a gammacard from smartcard-store (they shipped it really fast, i had it in about 3-4 work days) and a programmer , Smartbee by duolabs. I programmed it with emk-3.5 (it's a Gamma 1.4 OS) using the 05/03/09 file. The file opens all cy,disc,tcm,mgm,hist and stuff but not novac and gr channels. Anyway im guessing i have to reprogram the card using the 22/12 file ?

Anyhow, hello all again :)

edit : btw to all of you wondering what to do if you don't have a serial port on your computer, just buy a PCI Serial Port Controller (17 Euros), the usb to serial converter is not working. With the usb to serial cable none of the gammaloaders could identify or program my card ( Card Has Not ATR ). I had to program it to an old laptop i have with rs232 ports on it :P