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    Cool Introduction


    I am from Nigeria and i have been a regular reader of this Forum,its the best i have seen so far so pls keep it up.

    i have been working on my 3 metre Obitron Mesh Dish to track NileSat but instead of getting it on the Tracking TP 10758 V , i got it on 10758 H.

    I am using Strong SRT 4653x and my highest quality is 70% and i use FUJI lnb.

    Pls guys how can i increase the quality?.


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    Re: Introduction

    On the issue of polarisation that is getting Horizontal instead of Vertical.What need do is to rotate your LNB either clockwise or anticlockwise.

    Secondly, On signal improvement, it depend on your location in nigeria.I think a signal strength of 60% is not bad.With that percentage you can get upto 10 TPs or more on Nilesat.You can also use an LNB with higher gain than the one you are currently using.

    Good luck.

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