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Thread: May be i am stupid, but help me (fun-card)

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    May be i am stupid, but help me (fun-card)

    I realy want to see NTV+ chanels. it comes from 36E sat. it comes in via2 coded format. I have X-sat cdtv300 and fun card. what firmware and aditional software i should use to make a card??? I've allready cracked my had, but with out result :(

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    Re: May be i am stupid, but help me (fun-card)

    this is the key example

    V 01A400 09 E5DDEF3445CF32CB00FF2E536D5763D5 ;NTV+ 36E
    V 01A400 0A D88C87F648325F4B82EF6D5E4B3463EB ;NTV+ 36E
    V 01A400 0B 175DB02F2FC13767FFCEF9FAC11DA42F ;NTV+ 36E
    V 01A400 0C 27B6C45949AEA49963E04AFECA45267F ;NTV+ 36E
    V 01A400 0D EAE3C585D3A233A9605ED137DC70CB63 ;NTV+ 36E
    V 01A400 0E 1A104F485789D2A138D488A4D93B9BA9 ;NTV+ 36E

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