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Thread: Diablo Cam & Dragon Cam: Are they incompatible?

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    Diablo Cam & Dragon Cam: Are they incompatible?

    Hi, I have this:

    MVISION 9080 USB
    Slot 1: Diablo rev. 2.3 + Underworld 163
    Slot 2: Dragon rev. 3.02 + Predator 3.69

    When I insert them in the receiver, both appears in menu, but within a few seconds, the Diablo disappears. Are they incompatible? Cannot be connected simultaneously? I am surprised, because separately, they work correctly!


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    Re: Diablo Cam & Dragon Cam: Are they incompatible?

    Some times they work well in some receivers, other times do not
    I try them together in 4 receivers Echostar AD3000, Echostar ad3600, Gbsat 210 and T/D

    Echostar ad3000 works fine for one to two hours in the others it is aboud the same, after that when you change from conax to nagra the only way out press one cam out from the slot.

    I hope this helps

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