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    Hello everybody, today we succeeded to implement the auto update for the "Al Jazeera Sports +" channels on the NILESAT 7W satellite. This is the good news. The bad news is that these algorithms need a lot of flash space. Thus we cannot directly implement them on the hardware models that are previous to the Atlas/M3S2 model without some arrangements. You were scared isn't it? Don't worry; we will not release it unless we manage to do it on all hardware models supported by KYNG. But to be able to do it, we will need to find some space on Flash ROM and this can be done only by changing the whole structure and compress the transponders and channels data bases. Tomorrow (incha'a Allah), we will be forced to do the following:

    * Make a new version of the boot loader to handle the changes in the data structures.
    * By doing this, we will have to include these same changes in the main software version as well as the newly implemented algorithms.
    * This will imply that we must release a KFL full Flash versions and not main software versions, and you will lose all you data, like channels, transponders, config, etc...
    * But normally, we will try to prepare a PC tool that will convert your data to the new structure. That is if time will allow.
    * We will also take this opportunity to increase in the dat file structure so that it will handle all the ABRACADABRA changes, for us to always release dat file and not software versions, because this is very time consuming and it always keeps us from doing other top priority tasks.
    * Almost all the present tools will be useless, so we will have to make new versions to keep up with these changes. The Multiloader and the KYNGReader will not be affected. But the KYNG PC key editor and the PC channel editors must be re-written.
    * Increasing the size of the dat file will have a bad implication; we will lose the possibility to update the receiver's dat file using the FUNCARD procedure.

    Well as you can see, it's a huge task that's waiting. We hope that you understand that all this is necessary for you to be able to enjoy the newly implemented algorithms. We are doing it, so that no one can say that when we got our hands on new hardware model we dropped our previous ones, this is not our philosophy and I hope will never be. That's it, I think I didn't forget anything and I hope that we will manage to finish this tomorrow.

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    Re: JSC+ Auto nilesat By Kyng Te@m

    Thanks for all the team you are genious
    Bon courage
    شكرا جزيلا

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    merci pour cette nouveaute on espere que cristor va devancer tous les autres demos et aura du succes en particulier pour l'autoroll des autres satellittes nilesat et hotbird arabsat et autres

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    Re: JSC+ Auto nilesat By Kyng Te@m

    pour jsc ok sur nile sat avec la verssion 2.04

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    Re: JSC+ Auto nilesat By Kyng Te@m

    merci pour votre partage.

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