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Thread: Is Nagravision 3 Polsat open?

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    Question Is Nagravision 3 Polsat open?

    Is it true, nagra 3 Polsat is open?? When yes can we have all the keys please including RSA. Thank you for your help, all of you.

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    Re: nagra 3 open

    For open new system we must have new firmware which support new system encrypt. It is not enought have only keys for exampe key 01: *****, key 02:*** etc. New system encrypt recquest more coplicate the solve. In this moment I mean system Nagra3 it is not hacked.

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    Re: nagra 3 open

    It woud be great to have nagra 3 working again and for all of us to enjoy real tv.
    Shame is taking so long, keep trying who ever you maybe .

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