Spain will not subsidize DTT extension

Francisco Ros, Spainís Telecommunications and Information Society Secretary, has reiterated that the government will not subsidize the extension of digital-terrestrial TV signals to homes not yet converted, despite autonomous regions agreeing to subsidize the conversion of collective antennas to digital.

At a national level, DTT extension will not get a penny, Ros said. He estimated that investment so far for the implementation of DTT amounts to Ä12,000 million, not including money destined to the development of digital content.

The national government has no plans to finance any digitalization campaign in the buildings and in the acquisition of boxes on the users' side, although it would contemplate giving free boxes to citizens with health problems of who have a low standard of living.

The Secretary also underlined the budget of Ä75 million the national government has allocated this year for the Transition Plan to DTT. The money will be mainly destined for information campaigns at regional and local levels as well as to the extension of digital coverage in those areas where broadcasters cannot reach with the idea no citizen lives without digital television.

Ros has asked the broadcasters for a compromise on the extension of digital coverage and at the same time he reminded them of their obligations to place the digital signal at least on a satellite platform.