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American Madness (U) 1932 A Depression-era bank president's kindly ways infuriate the board of directors, who are determined to sell out to a New York trust. When the bank is robbed, suspicion falls on an ex-convict teller who maintains his innocence but refuses to reveal his alibi for fear of revealing a secret that could destroy his generous employer. Frank Capra's drama, with Walter Huston, Pat O'Brien and Kay Johnson

The Dark Corner (U) 1946 A private eye is released after serving a prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. When he thinks someone is trying to kill him, he becomes convinced the real perpetrator is his old lawyer. But when the attorney turns up dead, the detective becomes the prime suspect. Thriller, starring Mark Stevens, Lucille Ball, Clifton Webb and William Bendix (888)

Reach for the Sky (U) 1956 Biopic of renowned World War Two hero Douglas Bader. A plane crash in 1931 cost the aspiring pilot both his legs, but after learning to walk on artificial limbs, he rose to the rank of squadron leader in the RAF. However, more misfortune was in store when he was shot down over occupied France and taken prisoner. Starring Kenneth More, Muriel Pavlow and Alexander Knox (888)

The Man Who Knew Too Little (12) 1997 A dim-witted American heads to London to visit his wealthy brother, who has arranged for him to participate in a murder mystery break. But he gets mistaken for an assassin sent to kill a visiting Russian dignitary and is pursued by secret agents remaining convinced that it is all part of the show. Comedy, starring Bill Murray, Joanne Whalley and Peter Gallagher

Sherrybaby (15) 2006 A former drug addict is released after three years in prison, and is determined to rebuild her relationship with her daughter. However, staying on the straight and narrow proves hard and her sister-in-law starts to believe the child would be better off without her mother leading the ex-convict to take desperate measures. Drama, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, Giancarlo Esposito and Danny Trejo (888)

Infernal Affairs (15) 2002 A tough cop struggles to recall where his loyalties lie after 10 years working undercover as a member of the Triads, but is forced to put his personal problems to one side when he realises a fellow officer has turned informant for the gangsters. Hong Kong thriller, later remade by Martin Scorsese as the Oscar-winning The Departed. Starring Tony Leung, Andy Lau and Anthony Wong

Black Widow (15) 1987 A federal agent becomes obsessed with a woman she believes has murdered a succession of wealthy husbands for the inheritance, changing her identity completely before moving on to the next victim. But she struggles to convince her superiors of her theory, and when she finally tracks the killer down an unexpected bond develops between them. Thriller, starring Debra Winger and Theresa Russell (888)

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