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Thread: am i missing something ?

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    am i missing something ?

    Hi all,

    ive got a phoenix apollo box which i have upgraded to openbox x820.
    then used pobedit to install latest keys however still cant get channels to descramble, im on a ship in Norway at the moment and have tried tracking astra 19E and Hotbird but all channels still scrambled....

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    Re: am i missing something ?

    Craig, I have the same model and software.
    I had to move my dish away from hotbird and astra and now get 1west and 5east via a monoblock lnb.
    Nagra2 still going there and best of all, footy.
    ps. Have you remembered to turn EMULATION "on" after loading the file ?.

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    Re: am i missing something ?

    not much open at the moment unless you are into card sharing digitv at 1w is the only thing open at this time

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    Re: am i missing something ?

    cheers guys for your help, im off the ship now but when i go back ill carry on having a play !

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