Sci-Fi Channel regenerates into Syfy

March 16, 2009 | 16:43 UK

In one of the more curious rebranding projects the NBC-owned Sci-Fi is to rebrand as Syfy, keeping the phonetics but changing the spelling.

The new name and stylised logo will appear in the United States on July 7, before being rolled out to the channel’s international affiliates in the autumn. Unlike the previous moniker, which can be said to be generic, the new name is capable of being trademarked.

Sci-Fi President Dave Howe said the existing name was perceived as being limited. The new brand will be accompanied by the tagline “Imagine Greater”.

The name follows the trend of one word channel names, seen in the US through channels including Flix, Oxygen, Fuse and Logo, and taken into the UK market by Dave, Yesterday and Watch.