Top UK TV bosses spar up

Perhaps the event could be a pay-per-view attraction, with former BBC boss and current ITV champion Michael Grade sparring with former ITV boss and BBC head Greg Dyke, settling a few old scores in front of the baying mob. Ahead of this unlikely scenario, Mr Grade is reportedly demanding a fulsome apology from the influential London Times for publishing an opinion piece, written by Dyke, which criticised Grade and his strategy.

ITV and Mr Grade have written to The Times asking for an apology for the opinion piece published on March 7. In the piece Dyke said Grade’s ITV was in a classic “lose-lose situation”. The Dyke article continued: “Michael Grade has to take some of the responsibility for the state ITV is in. He personally bought the FA football rights, taking them from the BBC and Sky, only to discover he had massively overpaid. He has already been round other broadcasters trying to sell the rights on but so far he has failed to find any buyers. When ITV's results were announced this week he wrote off a great chunk of these costs. It is also reported that he wants the FA ‘to share his current pain’ by reducing the cost of the contract. I sincerely hope the FA tell him where to get off.”