Endemol Spain and Telemundo join forces

TV producer Endemol Spain and US broadcaster Telemundo International, the main US Latino broadcaster have joined forces to open the gates for new business in Spain. This agreement will allow Endemol Spain to adapt Telemundo contents, while Telemundo will be in charge of their international distribution.

Endemol Spain has wide experience in fiction production via different companies of the group through agreements with other Spanish producers such as Diagonal TV, Linze TV, Zenit TV and Nadir TV (apart from Zeppelin TV one of the most important producers in the country). The group is made up of seven companies in the field of the audiovisual production and the creation of interactive contents.

On its side Telemundo has successful telenovelas airing all around the world including Spain. Telemundo International is dedicated to sale and distribution in the international market of Telemundo's original content. Part of the group's philosophy is to identify new ideas for the development of original content for the audiovisual industry and also to generate innovative businesses for different television platforms. The company is part of the US major NBC Universal.

The agreement sees the launch of a co-production line between both companies with the goal that the adaptation of Telemundo's big titles for the Spanish market will also have international distribution.

Don Browne, Telemundo's president, and Marcos Santana, Telemundo International's president said: "After having had broadcast successfully our productions in Spain for more than four consecutive years this agreement means the natural evolution of our business model in this market. The next step after the distribution of our original content will be to export our formats for their local production in different territories, so we have found Endemol Spain as the ideal partner. This joint-venture shows the quality and strength of our products and also the strength of our brand all around the world".

Toni Cruz, Endemol Spain's president, said: "We are very satisfied with this agreement which will allow us to produce Telemundo's most successful stories and also to adapt them to the local tastes."