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Thread: Ceropro card

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    Question Ceropro card

    Has anyone in the U.K. Ireland used these ?? what progger is needed and are they likely to last as I see it is clearing D +.

    Any dealers got 'em???

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    Re: Ceropro card

    I presume you mean the new Cerebro card that is to be released in a few days.

    Cost will be about 65 and you will need a Phoenix type programmer.

    Details of what it will decode are sketchy but most people's money is on Premiere World and maybe some other packages.

    Points to consider.
    Many programmers will not be able to cope with the Cerebro card until their software is updated.

    Certain traders are taking "pre-orders" and do not have the cards in stock.

    No loader or package software has yet been released.

    Take care!

    Check out ""
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    Re: Ceropro card

    rumour going around that this card is made by the people in premiere....
    why ? to get your money for a few months and then ....bang card is fooked and you paid them for a few months anyway.

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    Re: Ceropro card

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