Hitron announces wireless Quad Play gateway

March 19, 2009 | 08:22 UK

CABLE CONGRESS 2009 BERLIN. Taiwan-based Hitron Technologies is demonstrating its first Quad Play gateway with wireless telephony, together with its latest range of Docsis 3.0 applications at the Cable Congress.

A triple-Play Euro Docsis 3.0 gateway with wireless telephony in both DECT 6.0 and CAT-iq application on top of the wired phone lines. The Quad-Play gateway will fully utilise channel bonding bandwidth together with 802.11n technology to provide a stable solution for more than 200 MB of bandwidth for both wired and wireless applications.

The Docsis-based Ingress Noise Blocker is a new technology concept that will enable MSOs to enhance their network efficiency and lower maintenance costs, with support for multiple upstreams that address for Docsis 3.0 requirements.

Hitron said it has delivered more than a million Docsis related products annually for both residential and business applications to major MSOs worldwide.