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Thread: Why are my peers yellow ???

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    Question Why are my peers yellow ???

    Hi to all!
    Hi chouchou
    what advice could I give to my peers so that do not stay yellow in my gbox share control and begin sharing with my server?
    what they should check to fix it?
    can I have a check list .... even if it's not detailed ...?
    thank you in advance;

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    Hi , you peers yellow because isn't card inside , sorry for my english .
    Ils sont en jaune dans le gbox control car ils n'ont pas de carte dans leurs dreams ou autres .
    Bon dimanche.

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    no because they have a local card and sometime they are green and sometime they are yellow
    and others sometime blue and sometime yellow....why?

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    maybee not enough peers

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    It`s like @fazers say.
    Your peers is yellow because they do`nt have a local card in their reciever.
    They are online but do not give something to the sharing.

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    my question is for specialists....please stop boring me with your basic answers!

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    Re: Why are my peers yellow ???

    you must one newer ignore list to dreambox!

    greetz Kersen

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