Hi there!

Finally I have succesfully connected to my o2 broadband using Linksys WAG54GS router,and have no problem with setup all ports for cccam.

But now its time to start with Gbox.:smiley_hangloose:

Using now Linksys WAG54GS and I have forwarded all needed ports to my Dm7020 with succes.
My friend which live in poland have succesfully connected to me and to my DM7020 but when he try put my ip in his own receiver he lost all cards from Gbox.
To information I have static ip in o2 broadband(I live in UK),so mayby this is a problem?
He have dynamic ip and domain in No-IP.
I have domain in DynDNS.org. and that is setuped in router.

My friend just wonder why my ip blocking all his cards?Mayby static ip dont like work with Gbox?

Please help,any advice from owner Linksys WAG54GS and Gbox or Netgear 2000 DGN and Gbox(have this router as well)how to set up router step by step,or any instruction.

Mayby need to change something in configuration?

Sory for my poor english

Thanks to all.