Logosoft launches new IPTV service in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A new IPTV service has been launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina by local ISP Logosoft, dubbed 'Super TV'.

The new service is initially being made available in the New Sarajevo area, before being extended to other parts of Sarajevo. Super TV offers 33 linear channels at launch, delivered in MPEG-2, as well as EPG, PVR and VOD services, and there are reportedly plans to add high-definition channels at a later stage.

The service costs BAM 25 (EUR 12.78) per month, with the leasing of a set-top box costing BAM 12 per month - or the STB can be purchased outright for BAM 280. The ISP is offering a promotion under which subscribers who purchase the set-top box outright receive their first month's subscription to Super TV for free.

Logosoft delivers Internet services in Sarajevo, Zenica and Tuzla over its xDSL network, offering a 512 Kbps connection for BAM 80 per month. Given its network architecture, it will be interesting to see how Logosoft fulfils its commitment to offering linear high-definition channels at a later date, with some form of network upgrade appearing to be required.