Over 12m Spaniards connect to DTT

Last February an average of over 12 million Spaniards switched for at least one minute to a DTT channel according to DTT association Impulsa TDT's latest report. This figure is 1.1 million people up on the previous month.

Exceptional sales of DTT boxes during last Christmas and the perception of normal usage of digital technology is beginning to be reflected in a lot of viewers. These parameters are closely in relation to this growth.

As a consequence of all of this the DTT share has also grown importantly and on this occasion it registered a double record. Average audience was 26% - the highest figure in Spain's history of DTT - while monthly audience share growth for the first time surpassed 2 percentage points. DTT share was up 2.2 points in the month and over the last four months the DTT share has grown 7.7 percentage points.

Another important point of this study is the downturn in analogue television. According to the February data, analogue television continues to go down and it now only represents 54.8% of total TV consumption.

As for the penetration of DTT in the different autonomous regions, Cataluña leads the group with 60.6% of homes digitally adapted followed by Madrid with 59% and the Canary Islands with 53.2%.