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Thread: How good is it on Conax 7

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    How good is it on Conax 7

    How good is it on Conax 7, can it be worth it to keep it on hold for a while or should we just dumb it same as we have done with other cards and cams?

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    Re: How good is it on Conax 7

    Quote Originally Posted by demoned View Post
    How good is it on Conax 7, can it be worth it to keep it on hold for a while or should we just dumb it same as we have done with other cards and cams?
    Hi mate ,read this and see after >>>
    Conax CAS7
    Conditional Access System (CAS) for Digital Video
    Conax CAS7 – the best CAS ever – is built on Conax’s powerful security technology platform and
    extensive experience. The primary criterion when choosing a CAS is finding a stable long-term
    partner who can guarantee the continuous development of proven, advanced technology and
    functionality. The system should also have a strong anti-piracy record, be a non-proprietary
    system, and be based on an open licensing policy for set-top box (STB) manufacturers.
    Conax was among the pioneers defining the broadcast security architecture now used all over
    the world, and in using smart cards as the user security module. Conax has acquired experience in
    all aspects of CA, included the day-to-day operation of CAS for pay-TV operators.
    Open and Interoperable
    By sticking to a non-proprietary and open solution,
    Conax allows the possibility for “freedom of choice” in
    technology, through:
    • A fully open, fair and non-discriminatory licensing
    policy for STB manufacturers to include support for
    Conax CAS in the STB
    • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and OpenCable™
    compliant transmission format
    • DVB SimulCrypt compliance on both transmission
    and receiver (STB) sides
    • Detachable security module using an ISO 7816
    compatible smart card
    • Supply of Common Interface Conditional Access
    Modules (CAMs) and CableCards™
    • Using a standard over-the-air STB loader such as
    the Euroloader or other non-proprietary STB loaders
    controlled by the operators
    Areas of use
    Standard subscription television is the baseline reliable
    revenue generator for most operators. The lack of
    efficient ordering channels has limited the potential for
    introducing value-added services, such as Near Video
    On Demand (NVOD), Video On Demand (VOD) and other
    exciting digital television service concepts.
    Mobile phone operators have had great success in
    selling vouchers for pre-paid mobile phone calls. Most
    digital television consumers have mobile phones, and
    are familiar with the use of text messages. Conax CAS7
    provides options for ordering digital television services
    via mobile phone text messages combined with simple,
    secure payment without a cumbersome registration
    process. Possible payment options are by voucher or
    credit card, or via invoice.
    ____________________________ _______________

    Conax CAS7
    Conax CAS7 subscription components
    The Conax CAS7 subscription components necessary for pay-TV are
    as follows:
    • SAS server: manages the generation of authorisations
    (EMMs) and maintains the status of the entire user smart
    card population
    • EMM Injector: receives EMMs from the SAS server, manages
    the EMM playout queues and feeds the EMMs into the
    • ECM Generator: manages encryption and packaging of
    entitlements and control words for scrambled services
    • Hardware Security Module: dedicated security hardware for
    tamper-proof storage and management of keys
    • User smart card: performs EMM and ECM decryption and
    interpretation in order to determine whether the user shall
    be granted access to the content
    Scalability and expandability
    Conax CAS7 is organised in a way that allows an operator to start
    with a basic system for pay-TV, and then add additional components
    to support more complex operations and business models.
    Conax CAS7 can be seamlessly upgraded with additional computer
    hardware to any level of performance and full redundancy as the
    business grows.
    The system architecture allows for routing and remote control of
    system equipment on multiple head-ends or uplink sites. A Conax
    CAS7 installation can support delivery for multiple operators over
    Satellite, Cable and DTT.
    Operators may also wish to distribute content via IP distribution
    networks such as xDSL and FTTH. Conax CAS7 supports hybrid
    operations both in the system and in the STB. The product is
    compliant with open standards such as MPEG2/MPEG4, DVB
    Simulcrypt and Common Interface, OpenCable™, OpenCAS and
    Conax CAS7 is available with a large number of STBs, multiplexers
    and middleware platforms, as well as with a number of SMS
    Conax CAS7 Optional Components
    One or more optional components can be added for an
    extended digital television service:
    • Conax CAS7 On-demand services for purchasing and instant
    access to local, pre-stored content; movies on local STB
    hard discs, etc. Services available include: PPV for prime
    PPV events, VOD and push VOD for Video On-demand or an
    ensemble of NVOD channels.
    • Conax CAS7 Pairing for additional anti-hijacking and antipiracy
    • Conax CAS7 Messaging for sending text messages to endusers
    • Conax CAS7 Mobile for ordering via mobile phone SMS text
    • Conax CAS7 Vouchers for purchase of access through prepaid
    solutions, i.e. scratch cards/vouchers
    • Conax CAS7 Tokens for PPV tokens mode support
    • Conax CAS7 Fingerprinting for enabling tracing of illegally
    distributed copies of content
    • Conax CAS7 Conditional Access Module (CAM) for use with
    Common Interface compliant STBs
    • Conax CAS7 Cable Card for use with OpenCable™ compliant
    Assosiated Products
    CAS7 can bee further enhanced/extended with associated
    • Conax Data Playout Manager for management and playout of
    any data to STBs
    • Conax PreEncryptor, for encrypting content prior to
    Conax® is a registered trademark of Conax AS, Norway,regards Kingswood

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