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Thread: Gamme Programming and USB to Com-port adapters

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    Gamme Programming and USB to Com-port adapters

    Hi guys,

    first my hardware:
    -Smartbee programmer
    -1 Gamma Card 1.4 OS
    -1 PC with USB but no Com Ports
    -Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm adapter
    -Windows XP

    Now the issue:

    I installed the USB to serial adapter, and put it on Com1.
    i plugged my Smartbee pgroammer with card inside, and tried to program it with All kinds of loaders.

    GammaLoader_V1.1 ---> Error clearing card = Card not cleared.
    emk-3.5 ---> cannot read ATR

    Also errors with Sataid Team GammaLoader

    It seems the communication is not running well.

    But i know the Gamma is ok, because i was able to program it with my old computer with com1 port (which is now not working anymore :( )

    so any workaround for this? i tried playing with the drivers configuration ( changing com port speed....etc) but also no luck

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    Re: Gamme Programming and USB to Com-port adapters

    usb to serial is not working, i tried it myself and the result was the same as yours "Card Not Cleaned" "Card has No ATR".

    Find a pc with serial ports on it or buy a PCI Serial Port Card.

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