Alcatel supports Telefonica interactive ads

March 24, 2009 | 08:30 UK

Alcatel-Lucent has helped Imagenio in the launch of interactive advertising on the Telefonica-owned IPTV platform.

Two interactive commercials have been running since mid-December, using Alcatel Lucent’s Interactive Media Manager. The first is for the new version of the Ford Fiesta while Fox has also been using the technology to promote its Spanish language channels.

“They wanted to launch the new Fiesta car and do something special with television,” said Rudi Broos, marketing director, digital media and advertising, Alcatel-Lucent. The 30-second Ford commercial invites viewers to Press Red in order to win an iPod. “This is the very first time Telefonica has deployed interactive TV advertising. The click-through ratio is much bigger magnitude than you would see on the Web”.

The Interactive Media Manager is part of Alcatel-Lucent’s Digital Media Suite that uses a series of templates to help new applications to be created with very little knowledge. “Typically it’s the advertising or media agency that would fill out the template made available by the service providers,” says Broos.

New integration with the Microsoft Presentation Framework allows developers to save their files to either the Alcatel or Microsoft formats.