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Thread: help how to insert keys in reciever

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    help how to insert keys in reciever

    i have hitech z2 reciver
    all channels work on this reciever like ( nova+art+pehla+show+freextv+sexongold+ss1+sexview+ orbit and manymore)
    but i want to update keys of zee tv on hotbird 13e .
    please tell me how to uplade keys and which card work on this reciever...

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    Re: help how to insert keys in reciever

    all channels works WITHOUT any card? !!! how is that happent?

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    Re: help how to insert keys in reciever


    I have Hitech Z-2 receiver and need the latest SW and upload magic to upload the new SW. Can someone help. From where can I find new SW whenever it comes in??

    Waiting for any replies...

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    Re: help how to insert keys in reciever

    thread in wrong place

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