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Thread: Dragon Cam

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    Dragon Cam

    Good afternoon,

    I have a dragon cam and a fun 7 card on a Topfield TF5000ci

    the Topfield has the latest firmware (2007)
    and the cam is installed (it says Pred 3.69 on the CI Topfield screen.

    However I still have no extra channels

    Could you please tell me what I am doing wrong?!

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    Re: Dragon Cam

    Hi Friend

    you are probably not doing anything wrong, not much available with pred at the moment, update with latest version of 369 and read back through posts on 369 to find what is available



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    Re: Dragon Cam


    To get more channels, what do you suggest I do?
    perhaps buy another cam?..if so..which one do you think is best?

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    Re: Dragon Cam

    The Diablo open more channels than the Dragon
    The main channels you can get with the DRAGON at the moment is DgiTV ON 1w

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