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Thread: SkyStar and ProgDVB and cwshare

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    SkyStar and ProgDVB and cwshare

    Hi to all,

    First im wass so unlcky white my dreambox, its fall in Aquarium and in the moument my solution is the blody SkyStar2.

    Im crazy for soccer and im become some lines for cwshare, and im really nobish for that stuff. Can somebody help me about this solution...???

    Im have dnydns, lines, skystar2, progdvb...

    Plz guys what im need to look sport chanells... Plz need really help...

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    Re: SkyStar and ProgDVB and cwshare

    Try with altdvb sat4all edition, you have implemented gbox in it. Just replace d-line with yours and put d-line of your friends, and voila...

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