Nilesat and Eutelsat go 7 West

March 24, 2009 | 19:48 UK

Nilesat has signed a new strategic agreement with Eutelsat Communications for the future commercialisation of the 7 degrees West orbital slot.

The new phase of collaboration sees the recently launched Hot Bird 10 satellite commercialised at 7 degrees West as Atlantic Bird 4A. Eutelsat has partnered with Nilesat at 7 degrees West since July 2006 when Atlantic Bird 4 was co-positioned with the Nilesat 101 and Nilesat 102.

The three-satellite constellation currently comprises 39 transponders transmitting over 38 million homes. The further development will enable Nilesat to lease transponders at the position through until at least 2019.

A third phase will begin in mid-2010 when Nilesat 201 will be deployed, this will be followed in 2011 by the arrival of Eutelsat’s Atlantic Bird 4R.