TiVo links with Blockbuster

Chris Forrester

Video rental specialists Blockbuster, despite recent financial challenges, is linking its name with DVR supplier TiVo. The plan for the new partnership is to start delivering Blockbuster’s vast video library over the internet direct to TVs via TiVo devices.

TiVo has similar deals in place with Amazon, MovieLink and Netflix, but this agreement should see thousands of titles available on an on-demand basis to TiVo owners. Blockbuster stores will also sell TiVo devices.

‘Blockbuster on Demand’ will be available to some 800,000 TiVo owners who have a broadband connection hooked into their devices. Some 12,000 titles are available, although experts say the core interest will be on newer recent releases which will sell for $3.99 for a 24-hour viewing period.