Echostar offers high-end IPTV-DVR

Chris Forrester

Echostar Europe yesterday (March 25) launched a new hybrid set-top box that is good for IPTV deployment, and comes equipped with HD functionality, and a hard drive. Operators can also select EchoStar’s SlingLoaded place-shifting options. The news emerged at the London IPTV World Forum show.

EchoStar Europe is benefiting from its US parent’s experience in supplying HD boxes to its Dish pay-TV system. The new HDX-600 series digital video recorder (DVR) combines a fresh design with high-definition reception, advanced video coding (AVC) and hybrid functionality, providing IPTV operators with an added-value product solution. EchoStar Europe also showcased the benefits of integrating its SlingLoaded technology, which allows consumers to Sling content to connected devices in numerous secondary locations both inside and outside the home.

“As European IPTV operators continue to roll-out hybrid IPTV platforms, EchoStar Europe will showcase its feature-rich, high definition HDX-600 series product,” said the company. “Available with either an integrated hard disk drive, or as a stand alone set-top box (HDX-400) with an upgrade path to DVR via plug in hard disk drive, the unit offers a great deal of flexibility to IPTV operators wishing to offer personalised digital television services. The product supports AVC to reduce bandwidth requirements for video-based services, and is compatible with the industry’s leading digital rights management (DRM), conditional access and middleware solutions. With the addition of a touch-sensitive front panel and stunning new cosmetics, these solutions provide IPTV operators with a unique consumer proposition.”

“IPTV is still a major growth sector in digital entertainment and as such presents us with great opportunities to bring our added-value solutions and technologies to market,” said Rick Smith, VP/Sales and Marketing at EchoStar Europe. “With new technologies such as SlingLoaded and EchoStar Europe’s unique content navigation systems, you begin to see how IPTV operators can add real value at the product level and seriously differentiate themselves. With our technology assets and in-depth market experience, we are strongly positioned to assist European IPTV operators in bringing new services to market and to grow their subscriber bases.”