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Thread: CCcam 2.1.0

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    CCcam 2.1.0

    -keep persistant ecm counts for clients
    -i2 emu
    -IGNORE NODE option (see CCcam.cfg)
    -emm caid tunneling
    -Added seca handler to prefer or ignore SECA2 or SECA3 (see CCcam.cfg)

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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    can i replace the 2.0.11 by 2.1.0 manually? if yes how ?

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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    you can delete the old version : blue bottom => Addons=> delete.
    After you can install the new version with the blue bottom => Addons=> download gemini server=> cam
    But the first, Save cccam.cfg on your pc

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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    thank you very much

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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    What's new with this version 2.1??
    do Viaccess cards 2..5 get updated monthly now?? this is my biggest issue for now


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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    Quote Originally Posted by lenovo View Post
    can i replace the 2.0.11 by 2.1.0 manually? if yes how ?
    You can connect with your dreambox with an ftp client. If you use the firefox, there is a good addon named Fireftp. You can find it here
    Then you can go to var/bin directory where installed the CCcam file. According the image and version you use, the file named CCcam_x.x.xx

    You can copy the file that you want from diretory of your pc to dream changing the name as the original file. Do not forget to change premices of the target file to 755

    For experienced users there is a file in var/script called as appeared in blue panel (Gemini img). In this file there is many possibilites to change it so to give self-selection name, to change the order of emus, the time between them, the name of emus etc.

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    Re: CCcam 2.1.0

    For manual install,

    Unrar and copy the needed files by FTP to /tmp

    From download options menu choose manual install, also select the config file you wish to use, option for CCcam_v2.1.0+NewCS_1.65 config.

    This emu should also be available as a download from the extra download option in the download menu.

    For EDG Nemesis

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