IDTVs driving Spanish DTT increases

By Julian Clover

Sales of integrated digital television (IDTV) receivers in Spain have further boosted the availability of DTT in the country.

According to data released by Impulsa TDT 524,264 IDTVs were sold in January, representing 46.5% of reception equipment sold and 107,000 more than December. The number of DVDs with DTT totalled over 185,000 devices, while the sale of digital terrestrial tuners for PCs numbers came to a little over 46,000.

Overall 1,123,439 DTT tuners were sold in January, taking the total sold since 2003 to over 16.3 million. 48.5% of Spanish homes now have access to DTT with Catalonia registering 60.6% of homes, the first time an autonomous region has passed 60%.