Pace brings 3D graphics to IPTV

By Julian Clover | March 27, 2009 | 08:24 UK

IPTV WORLD FORUM LONDON. Pace is to bring 3D style graphics to its IPTV set-top boxes. Oliver Thivolet, head of engineering, Pace France told Broadband TV News the development had been made possible through the new Broadcom 7413 3D chipset and would be the standard IPTV platform offered to customers in the sector.

Thivolet demonstrated a number of possibilities including a mosaic format displaying 12 available channels, when a particular channel is selected the central image is flipped, all the time delivering the broadcast stream. The precise functionality is only possible through an IP network.

The platform forms the basis of the new consignment of Pace receivers for the BT Vision IPTV network. Microsoft is currently testing around 150 units ahead of the candidate release of its new Mediaroom middleware. Thivolet said the receiver, already capable of delivering HD content, would be upgraded to include a DVB-T2 tuner by the middle of 2010.