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    gbox help

    I am running gbox 2.1b in my Dm 7000s so iam sharing i dont have any problem.
    so i installd gbox for my frends dm 500s, and port forwardet on his router.
    so we changeit dline as usually.
    now coming problem, i se him on my peers status so he is yallow, but iam still red line on his peers status, i do everything but still like that he is yallow and iam red , i dont understand what the problem. plzzzz sombody can help mee


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    Re: gbox help

    You and your friend have to use the same port i cwshare
    Is your updating of dyn.dns (Ip-adress) done right? I use the dyn.dns-updater on my pc

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    Re: gbox help

    HI , caution le gbox for dream 500s is not le same 7000 , your friend must check gbox emu with local card .
    Have a nice day .

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