HD extends into Asia

By Robert Briel

Luxembourg based Luxe.TV HD will launch in Hong Kong and Macau following a new distribution contract negotiated by Thema on behalf of the broadcaster. HD will start at the beginning of April on the Hong Kong Broadband IPTV network BBTV, the third largest pay-TV operator in Hong Kong. It will be the first full HD channel on its platform and made available on an « ŕ la carte » basis through its new HD set-top-box.

Macau Cable TV is the official cable network operator and the main provider for television to hotels and casinos in Macau.

Since September 2008, HD has been available on Sri Lanka Telecom’s IPTV platform PEO TV, thanks to an arrangement with Speedcast.

Thema said it expects to close more distribution deals soon with Asian operators in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.