Foxtel gets clever with iQ2

Written by Rose Major

Well over a third of Australian pay-TV operator Foxtelís subscriber base now takes one of its PVR products, iQ and iQ2. Combined, the two services account for 540,000 subscribers, with over 100,000 installed iQ2 players since launch just last June.

Foxtel is pleased with the iQ2 uptake and with the 38% of its subscriber base who now pay extra each month for iQ. And from this week, all Foxtel iQ2 set-tops will start receiving a software update delivering new EPG features. That will allow subscribers to set a program-by-program recording over-run, adding up to 20 minutes, rather than the 10 minutes on all programs that iQ can add.

Other changes to the iQ2 include an option to stay listening to the currently-viewed channel audio when in the EPG, and changes to the On Demand menu splitting up free, pay-per-view, adult and special events content.

The changes are only to iQ2 and not the original iQ service, a strategy to try to persuade iQ users to upgrade to the more-expensive iQ2 product.

A first upgrade was delivered in September last year, enabling the four tuner functionality to record two shows while watching a third live.