Virgin Media promises 150Mb/s

Written by Chris Forrester

Neil Berkett, CEO at UK cableco Virgin Media told the BBC in an interview that his company would be offering internet speeds of 100-150 Mb/s at least two years ahead of a similar British Telecom promise.

"We have an opportunity with our network to provide significantly higher speeds," Berkett said, while also cautioning against expecting too much, adding that deployment would be a ”function of timing”. Virgin will be extending its current Fibre-to-the-Cabinet system that would be expanded and improved, and the network should be complete by 2012.

"If BT were to meet the time frame they have suggested - of finishing by 2012 - I would see us as having much, much faster upstream speed, running at a minimum of 100Mbps downstream and possibly more. You can see a real opportunity there," he told the BBC. He went on to say he wouldn't be surprised to see Virgin Media start the introduction of faster speeds in 2010, with a theoretical limit of 200Mbps downstream speeds.