in my epg i select some channels and get (unable to change channel).many channels i do get with no problem but some just give me the mesage. i scaned transponders many times and still same thing .
i run my teatre 3.31 with semu1.18 and new softcam .
i have dish pro dish.when i scaned channel i went to direct 6 8 in scan menu and it automaticaly scaned transponders that were aready i get channels but also that message saying unable to change channel.
there is talk about using different list of tranponders and maybee this would bring these channels in?is there a way to find out what channels are on witch transponder so i can scan these other channels that i seem to be would probably help if i told you witch channels they were.this will take some time there is quit a few .i found other transponder lists floating around and tried them and ended up with many double channels and still not the ones the epg says im missing.maybee i get these channels but my epg is not bringing them in i cant tell because in my theatre channel listings all i have is red dots and do i get these channels?thanks again for all your help.