The Zoo (Documentary)
It is a big day for zookeeper Trent as the little Serval triplets step into the great outdoors for the first time; and there is a baby on the way for the orangutan clan!

Crossing Over with John Edward (Entertainment)
Gripping series hosted by internationally acclaimed psychic medium John Edward. With the help of his studio audience, John brings messages to loved ones from the other side. Who will he contact today?

Lock Up (Documentary)
Hot-blooded series taking you inside the American penal system. Violence is commonplace in Corcoran, California's State Prison, where racial tension and gang warfare erupts on a regular basis.

Crime Stories (Documentary)
Gruesome crime stories. Join the investigation into a missing young girl from Indiana, later found dead. Wrought with false confessions and very little evidence; discover how cops caught her killer.

The Zoo (Documentary)
Trent has his hands full as Serval kitten triplets are born at Auckland Zoo; the lion cubs get a very stinky treat; and meat eating Amazon fish move into the aquarium.

It's a Miracle With Roma Downey (Reality Show)
Doctors tell a paralysed 16-year-old boy that he will never walk again. A few days later, however, he raises his left leg and slowly begins moving his fingers...