AXN HD Native for Portugal

Iñaki Ferreras

AXN HD, launching on April 6 in Portugal through ZON TV Cabo ( on satellite & cable) and Meo (on satellite & IPTV) will privilege Native HD content. 61% of the channel's programming will be Native HD.

"This figure will be better next year, up to 82%," said Juan María Romeu, Senior Vicepresident and General Director of SPTI Networks Iberia. However he conceded it will be "difficult" to reach 100% of its programming in Native HD because "there are always contents not disposable from their origin in HD but we can reach 94% of them in Native production".

Romeu called on the Portuguese operators to facilitate the inclusion of this kind of content by giving enough bandwidth "so the viewers can enjoy the HDTV technology in the best possible conditions", he ended.