Spanish TV future in 'platforms'

Traditional TV channels may very well soon become extinct if some predictions come true. Such is the case of laSexta CEO José Miguel Contreras' prediction, who claimed that in a year’s time Spain will not have TV channels but televised platforms with up to eight channels each and in a panorama where “only three strong groups will survive".

Contreras referred to the new Audiovisual Law the Spanish government is preparing to be launched in the next few weeks that allows the channels to merge and at the same time delete the top of 5% for the crossed stakes. LaSexta is having meetings with its competitors in order to merge in the future.

"This process won't take long since if two media groups decide to merge to create a platform it will be possible in 24 hours. This will allow the new group to have more strength and at the same time to give access to a more interesting content offering," he added.

Talking about other things, Contreras is convinced there will be pay-TV channels on Spain's DTT and also HDTV channels.

"With this new situation the producers will grow the most. So the employment will also grow but not from the broadcasters point of view since they willl be mere platforms to distribute contents but from the producers’ point of view. This new business model will land in Spain in the next few months," Contreras asserted.