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Thread: update 25/10/2005 world in box I et II

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    update 25/10/2005 world in box I et II

    hi all the lastest soft for world in box I
    and the lastest soft for world in box II

    and the way to update thos receivers is :
    First of all you need a RS-232 cable.It is not a thing you think to buy or find somewhere.Simple go to nearby computer shop and buy 2 DB9 Female connectors and a piece of vga cable or network cable.You need only 3 wires in it. Now with a solding machine (if you have your own or you can ask for someone to do it) join these connectors to cable such that pin 5 of one connector is connected with pin 5 of other. Pin 2 of fisrt connects pin 3 of other and pin 3 of one connects pin 2 of other.To simplify
    you need a combination of
    After that you need to remove your world-in-box from setup. (Unplug all cables including LNB cable)
    Connect it with your PC through cable you made.
    You will find only one place on back panel of your world-in-box where this 9 pin cable fits. Same way you'll find the same place on back of your computer. Now connectivity is done.
    Next POWER OFF your world-in-box from button on back side panel.
    Run file Arioner(You will find it with S/W package you downloaded) and click Open button on top right corner and browse that auc file.
    Next you select COM 1 (If you've connected cable with COM 1 other wise select COM2 because there are only 2 physical com ports available in computer) and click "Send Program to IRD".
    Status will show "Waiting for responce".
    Now Power ON your world-in-box from back side panel button.
    Copying process will start.Dont power off when it is in progress.
    When it completes process it will show "Waiting for terminate signal" wait for a moment and then you will get a confirmation popup message of successfully uploaded.
    Now You click OK button and Arioner program will exit.
    Power Off you world-in-box and power On again it will load new software.
    Now you can confirm that new software is uploaded from Information menu in your world-in-box it will show Software version like S841EC_$STK_A4454_20051020. or something like that.
    Dont worry it's simple.

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    Re: update 25/10/2005 world in box I et II


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