FW update Openbox F300/X800/X810/X820
First you have to load the new FW to your PC and unpacked the file.
Attention! Took only the right FW to your Openbox.

F300 - FW F300
X800 - FW X800
X810 - FWX810
X820 - FWX820

Now you have to connect the openbox and PC with null-modemkable and open the F300 allupdater. Left on the Top click serialport and choose the Comport of your PC.
Then click “File” ,”open” and choose the FW you will be update.
Now must be taken the “filename” into the Updater.
Click update and now give power to the Box.
Connecting OK must be stand in the updater.
Wait until the Box show you “ Complete to update STB” and in display of the Box stand “8”.
Now put the power off.
Connect the Box with the TV and click “ menue , 1117 “ and turn the patch on.
Click EXIT and now you can watch TV.