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    Send Mail Plugin 1.2.1

    ================================================== ==
    Thanks to the authors of the simple send-mail client
    Ralf S. Engelschall and Davide Libenzi
    Thanks to the NP testers for their patience
    and usefull ideas and inputs
    ================================================== ==

    1) Prerequisites

    This Send Mail Plugin is using simple SMTP clinet
    without any authorization features included,
    from the authors credited above.

    If you need aithorized sendmail, you cann install aditionally
    the Simple SMTP from the ssmpt ipk kit. I f sSMTP is installed the
    Plugin will support only one mailserver with one mail account.

    Some mailservice provider are supporting non authorized or
    pre-POP authorized SMTP, which means
    after you authorized yourself via PIOP you can send mails
    unauthorized from the same IP for a couple of minutes.

    This means that this plugin can work also
    without installing the sSMTP, but if pre-POP authorization
    is used there should be either
    a PC in the same homenetwork using the same NATed
    ISP IP Adress from your router which is checking
    the used mailbox(es) regulary, or you would need
    to have also a Mail Checker/Reader Plugin running while using
    sendmail on your Dreambox.

    Probably you wil also have to try out different mailservers
    before finding a working one. If you only find/have
    authorized Mailservers then add the sSMTP Send Mail
    binary as described above by installing the ssmtp ipk.
    But then you will also have
    to enter also your mailserver account and
    password to the account.lst
    and the password.lst file.

    Business e-mail servers are typically more restrictive then
    consumer ones, so try the later first.

    Hopefully the users of this plugin will report over time working
    mailservers, so that the mailserver.lst file of this Plugin will
    soon contain a usefull list of working mailservers
    as a starting point.

    2) Installation

    Simply copy the enigma2-plugin-extensions-send-mail*.ipk
    to /tmp with FTP (TCP/IP must be working already).

    If you use an Image that offers a Blue
    Pannel Manual Addon Install or a Filemanager which allows
    to select and install ipks, then you can use this
    functionality to install the ipk file.

    If not, then install Sendmail by entering the
    following commands in a Telnet session:

    cd /
    ipkg install /tmp/enigma2-plugin-extensions-send-mail*.ipk

    Then restart enigma2 and the Sendmail Plugin
    should show up under Games / Plugins.

    If you also want/need the sSMTP mailservice authorization
    then you have to FTP also the ssmtp*.ipk to /tmp
    and install also via BP or by typing in telnet:

    cd /
    ipkg install /tmp/ssmtp*.ipk

    You can remove Sendmail with the red button
    in the Plugin List or via telnet:

    ipkg remove enigma2-plugin-extensions-send-mail

    You can remove sSMTP with the red button
    in the Plugin List or via telnet:

    ipkg remove ssmtp

    3) Usage

    After installation you should check the *.lst files
    at /etc/send-mail

    These Files need to be edited with a Unix conform editor to
    contain your mailservers, e-mail adresses, and simple
    textstrings for short subjects and mail text bodies
    that then can be choosen via the Sendmail Plugin instead of
    boring typing with your Remote Control !

    When you use the sSMTP for sending your mails you have
    to edit also the account.lst and password.lst file.
    When using sSMTP the mailserver has to be ALSO edited
    into the ssmtp.conf file:


    If you mailserver doen't use the default port 25
    (because of SSL for example) then change the mailserver
    there to to serverort

    Use the best working mailserver and your own e-mail
    adress as first entry in the *.lst files so that
    automatic sending of your IP adress will work,
    because then the mail sending wizzard of the
    Sendmail Plugin works also by pressing OK multiply
    to allow you simply choosing the first entries of the
    mailserver/sender/receiver list.

    After this *.lst Files Preparation you should
    be able to test your mailserver
    connectivity with the Send IP once option in the
    Sendmail Plugin or by typing: once

    Check the output to seee if send-mail was able to
    send via the first mailserver in the mailserver.lst
    an email with your current ISP IP adress (not the one of
    the Dreambox) to your own e-mail
    account specified as first entry in
    sender and receiver list file.

    Check your mailbox from a PC if the sending was successfull,
    but be aware that the mail from the Dreambox could have ended
    up in the junk mail folder because of the non-creative subject!

    It is usefully to have your PC mailclient also
    running while doing this first mailserver
    testing and press send/receive there regulary
    to be sure that in case that
    pre-POP Authorisation is used this prerequisite is

    If this is the case, then you need also to install and enable
    an email receiver or Checker Plugin
    to keep Sendmail operative.

    In case of using the sSMPT bianry this is NOT needed.

    If this mailsending test works, you can try the Sendmail
    Plugin also with the normal send mail option.

    If you want ot use the Sendmail Plugin to send you an e-mail
    with your new IP adress in case this has changed from your
    ISP (this Plugin uses traceroute to find out IP of your router)
    there has to be also the Cronmanager running. If you are in doubt
    install the Cronmanager Plugin to make sure that this is the case.

    If you then choose the Send changed IP always feature in the
    Sendmail Plugin it will simply add a call to every
    minute to your crontab without further arguments which will
    create a standard e-mail if a new IP is found.

    If you want ot test this feature simpyl edit the /etc/myip
    File with a dummy one, the next time the script then will
    run and think that the current IP is different to the previous
    one it will send an e-mail with the IP adress.

    ================================================== ==
    Have Fun using Send Mail on your Dreambox !!!
    ================================================== ==

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    Re: Send Mail Plugin 1.2.1

    can someone provide some links for Send Mail Plugin and ssmtp?thanks a lot

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