Telecinco favours merger

Iñaki Ferreras

Following the new law approving the merger of Spain's private national TV channels, Alejandro Echevarría, president of Mediaset's Spanish channel Telecinco said his business is willing to merge with a competitor.

But Alejandro Echevarría reminded the Spanish government the new law "is not the final solution for the present needs of the audiovisual market since it is more urgent for the approval of a General Audiovisual Law that tackles the model for the advertising in the public TV channels.”

He added: "We demand from the government the inmediate fulfillment of this matter but I am sure it will be soon fulfilled."

Telecinco adds its willingness to merge to laSexta's, whose CEO José Miguel Contreras recently declared his enthusiasm for such a move. However, some market sources say laSexta may be more likely to bond with Sogecable's Cuatro in order to share its soccer rights it has from next season until 2014-2015. Sogecable in reality would be the most interested on in this move with laSexta because it needs these rights it has lost in favour of Mediapro's channel.